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Returning after a long break - I fell off the site when it went ballistic and failed to work out how to get myself back on again.

Intervening months have seen me walking from the Canaries to Northamptonshire and working as a carer to generate fhe funds to pay for it. I am now struggling with the book of the trip, uploaded as Home From Home, and resurrecting the revised version of my original effort, Who's The Fool?.

As far as the site goes:
I return reads and leave a comment or message.
I don't back incomplete books, but am still happy to comment.
I don't read from the computer for pleasure, so only check out beginnings, ends and a bit in the middle.
I don't see the point of friends (as far as Authonomy goes!) Aren't we all in this together and therefore all friends to some degree?

I know the covers are rubbish!

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Home From Home

Hermione Ainley

A walk from the Canaries to Northamptonshire - self-discovery or insanity? Could have been either...

Having decided I had to walk from my house in the Canaries to my house in Northamptonshire there was nothing for it but to get on with it. At the moment this is more or less a transcript of the blog I wrote en route, tidied up a bit but more or less as it happened. Any advice or comments would be welcome. I'm certainly not expecting backing at this stage, though if you'd consider backing 'Who's The Fool?...


Who's The Fool?

Hermione Ainley

You'd like to run a restaurant? Check this out first...

Between 1984 and 2002, my husband and I imagined, built, ran and finally sold a restaurant beside the canal in Northamptonshire.

First, we spent two years converting a derelict carpenter’s workshop, wrongly assuming that this would be the hard part. We then employed a chef and a restaurant manager but, realising that we were in danger of going under, dispensed with both and did all the work ourselves, helped by a willing crew of young people and one or two equally untrained adults. By the time we finally sold, we had a loyal clientele and a reasonably successful business, but it was always incredibly hard work.

The story begins at the beginning, as we obtained and converted the building and began to discover how much we didn’t know. It then moves on to cover different topics including my disastrous attempts as a chef, my husband’s rapid transformation from can’t-boil-an-egg to cooking for 40, the coffee and shortbread approach to dealing with officialdom and much else. The end deals with our attempts to sell while coping with my husband’s terminal illness and an obstructive landlord, and finally the handover to the only people dumb enough to buy.


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I wrote 831 days ago

Love the first line. 'Know' should be 'knew' - next thing I knew... - otherwise carries on well as as well. I don't back unless I can read the end - ending is so much harder than beginning - but lots of luck and I'm sure you'll make it. view book

I wrote 863 days ago

I think you've pitched this pretty much dead right. If you want suggestions, some form of bibliography where all books etc mentioned are brought together in one chunk might help, but it's by no means necessary. view book

I wrote 863 days ago

This promises to be really good. There are quite a few glitches which you will no doubt spot on a rigorous edit, but you need to bash on and finish it then do the boring bit later.Good luck! view book

I wrote 868 days ago

The ending didn't disappoint. Backed. view book

I wrote 868 days ago

You write really well, and I am quite incapable of reading it. This will either be the next On The Road or Jonathan Livingstone Seagull type cult book, or it will sink without trace. I suspect not Harper Collins material, though.... view book

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