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Okay already...that's me on the right. Booker gets offended when people confuse us. I was born and raised on the farm and then moved to the Southwest (U.S.) to start an electro/optical manufacturing firm. Now I split my time between the desert and, once again, the wheatfields of home.

In my youth the fields were numerous and large and the tractors slow. Round after round, day after day, it was either hone your imagination or expire from boredom. I've enjoyed applying those meager skills learned years ago in writing books. I'll appreciate your thoughts in whatever form they might take. Thanks, Mike

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Anything by Clancy
Anything by Michener (except Mexico)
All things historic

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Fiscal Restraint

Michael Brubacher

A talented engineer is wrongfully convicted and then incarcerated. Will he walk out through the front gate one day or engineer his own "early release"?

John Fellows was a young and reluctant candidate when he first went to work in the prison system. Once he committed, it was obvious to him that the system had to change. His new prison concept sets prison theory back on its heels and his political enemies up on their toes. A young electrical engineer, Chip O'Neil, is set-up and then wrongfully convicted of attempted murder. Chip lands in John's new concept prison; a facility that John has promised is escape proof. When Chip learns that his young wife and child are in danger he knows that only he can protect them and he can't do it while he's locked up. Chip believes strongly in what John is trying to accomplish but knows an escape will finish both John and his new prison. Of course his families safety must come first but how can he escape? Standing between him and his family's safety is John... and the most advanced sensor system ever deployed.


Unholy Grail

Michael Brubacher

In desperation, a WWII bomber crew jettisons its super secret cargo. Recovered seventy years later, an Afghan warlord becomes the world's newest nuclear power.

The accidental discovery of a fissionable metal compound leaves two Danish scientists reeling. The metal "donuts" are secretly off-loaded onto an American submarine just in advance of the invading Germans.

American scientists find the incredibly powerful nuclear material to be extremely unstable. Fearing a nuclear accident of unthinkable proportion, they elect to dispose of the materials well out over the Pacific. However, those plans go awry when the B-17 bomber designed for the mission is lost in a freakish dust storm somewhere over the Arizona desert.

Some seventy years later the materials are found intact but not by the American teams who yet still search for them. Aram Asad is an anthropologist, an Iraqi doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona. He hates America and Americans and the steel box he's just unearthed in the desert has strange markings on it that might make sense to his Uncle Anoush, the former head of Sadaam's nuclear development program.

Ken Larimer, his NRC Alpha Team, a Phoenix police detective and a beautiful, raven-haired, one-quarter Apache court investigator with a painful power to look into the future team up in an effort to recover the donuts and save the continent from nuclear inceneration.


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