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I have been married to my amazing husband for four years now and we have an adorable three year old son. Currently i am employed as a senior hairstylist, as well as the assistant manager for a prestigious salon and spa. I aspire not only to successfully write children's picture books, but to also release works in the adult fiction genre. I have 2 self-published works, "The Treasure Chest" and the newly released "The Lucky Necklace" which have so far been local hits! Both are avaiable for sale on-line...I've posted the link to two different sites, as well as many others! I am looking for them to be formally published and/or representation. Please email me at princessbre81@gmail.com.

favourite books

Oh my, where to begin....In the children's genre I am a huge Munsch fan...I do particularily enjoy the horror books in both adult and YA. Some of my favourites include the Harry Potter series, the Twilight series (shocking!!) and the ever classic Bram Stoker's "Dracula". recently I finished the sequel, written by none other than his great-grand nephew Dacre Stoker, Dracula: The Undead" and I found myself depressed that I had reached the end as it was a truly mastered story!! I also enjoyed "The DaVinci Code" and "Angels and Demons", "When Rabbit Howls" and MANY others...in fact, I am always up for a great recommendation!

my websites

http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/The-Treasure-C     http://www.amazon.ca/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-a

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my books

The Lucky Necklace

Bre Gottschalk

Today is Julia's first swimming lesson but when she loses her lucky necklace an unlikely friend helps her look for it.

5 year old Julia hates wearing her water wings, so her mommy made her a deal. If she takes swimming lessons then she won't have to wear water wings any more. to ensure that all goes well, Julia puts on her lucky necklace, but when she loses it in the pool, a mermaid takes her to the depths of the ocean to find it, where she meets many new creatures. Like the first in the Julia series, "The Treasure Chest", children from pre-k to grade three will love the imaginative nature and fun adventures that Julia experiences.


The Treasure Chest

Bre Gottschalk

Nap time turns into playing dress-up, and when it comes to Julia's imagination you will never know where her adventures may lead her!!

Four year old Julia is supposed to be taking her afternoon nap, but when her Mommy leaves the room, her favourite game of dress up begins! However, this isn't just any game of dress up...her "magical" treasure chest whisks her away on many amazing adventures, from sailing across the seas in search of spectacular treasure to being trapped in the tallest tower awaiting her rescuer and finally, flying faster and higher than any fairy has ever flown. Julia's adventures are exciting for pre-K to Grade 3 students alike.


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I wrote 1016 days ago

Hi there! My name is Bre and as a fresh Newbie to this site I wanted to welcome you!! I wish you luck with your book and hopefully you don't mind taking a peek at mine! The are childrens books (ages 3-6...very quick reads!) and let me know what you think...I'm sending of the nauscripts soon..so ayt ... view book

I wrote 1018 days ago

Hi!! Just read some of your book and I am very intrigued!!! I haven't gotten far but I think you have great potential!!! I know I like what I'm reading when I wish I had the actual book in my hands onstead of reading it from a screen!!! I've put you on my bookshelf as I really em enjoying your book!... view book

I wrote 1019 days ago

AWWWW!!! So sweet and I am so glad you liked it!! I did illustrate this in real life!! LOL!! I haven't submitted it because I really am unsure as to my next step...I will look more into it, thanks!!! view book

I wrote 1019 days ago

Sorry it's repeated...but a children's book can only have so many words!!! It will be the same story after "The End"...thanks!!! view book

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