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I'm a father of two great kids, with a wonderful wife of 19 years; that's my wife and myself in the photo. I've written since I was in my early teens but only self published for the first time in 2007. Since then I have released three horror books and now I'm working on my next with more haunting my mind hoping to find their way to the light of day. Or is it they just wish to make the dark less friendly.

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Day of the Triffids
Kipps by HG Wells

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vanderlove wrote 18 days ago

Dear Winner This is to inform you that you have won prize money o....

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Dear Billy, As a valued supporter of Doghouse Blues, you may be pl....

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Thank you for backing God-wing!

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Thank you billy for backing Father Brennan

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Thanks for backing Fae - The Wild Hunt. I hope you enjoy it. I'm co....

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I wrote 580 days ago

Interesting concept but I'm not drawn in by the prologue, sorry. It just read as if it was a modern piece of writing which it is. The thing is that it is supposed to have been transcribed over two thousand years ago so the idea of the universe was very different to that which we now have. For this r... view book

I wrote 600 days ago

My hat is off to you. You have created a extremely readable tale. I had only planned on reading a couple of chapters but found that I had to turn to the next to see what was going to happen next. I shall put this onto my shelf next weekend when I reshuffle my shelf around. :~) view book

I wrote 651 days ago

I always find it a bit of a cheat when you have more than one chapter contained in each page here on Authonomy. saying that though this time i found it a blessing as it meant that I didn't have to turn the page as often. Other than some minor grammar issues this is a very good read and one that if I... view book

I wrote 705 days ago

There are a few mistakes in this spelling and gramatical which you could solve by reading through this aloud. I also found after reading the second chapter that the thrid seemed to throw me as it appeared to me that we were back in the torture cell after being told that the alien had been released f... view book

I wrote 711 days ago

Interesting start that set you up for the shock of find out the truth. view book

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